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At Daoverse Capital, we embrace a future sculpted by groundbreaking technologies—a future where our daily lives and the fabric of our workplaces are fundamentally transformed. Unlike conventional funds that concentrate on short-term gains from individual entities, we champion a visionary 25-year blueprint. Our strategic investments are designed to forge the very infrastructure—the gateways, rails, and bedrock—upon which new markets will arise and existing ones will flourish. We are not merely participants in this journey; we are architects of a world where innovation reaches every corner of the globe, ensuring sustainable growth and lasting impact.

About Us

We pioneer the future by incubating innovations at the convergence of technology and life sciences. Our mission is to drive a scientific and technological revolution, exploring new frontiers in AI, blockchain, biological sciences, and environmental sustainability.

AI and Blockchain Technologies

Our belief is to utilize the transformative power of artificial intelligence, blockchain and Web3 technologies to redefine our understanding and interaction with the world. Daoverse Capital supports ventures that are at the forefront of exploring these dynamic fields, aiming to unlock the mysteries of the universe and leverage digital advancements for societal benefits.

Biological Sciences and Life Medicine

Our commitment extends into the microscopic realms of the human body. By fostering advances in brain science, cell biology, and life medicine, we strive to unravel the complexities of human health. Our goal is to enhance well-being, reduce suffering, and create a healthier, happier future for humanity through cutting-edge research and innovation.

Renewable Resources and Environmental Science

Sustainability is at the core of our long-term vision. Daoverse Capital is dedicated to supporting sustainable practices and technologies that protect our planet. We invest in initiatives that pioneer renewable resources and advance environmental sciences, ensuring a thriving Earth for generations to come.

Investment Thesis

We stand at the forefront of technological innovation, ardently leading and advocating for the development of transformative technologies. With a deep commitment to pioneering significant advancements, our mission is to markedly boost social productivity and elevate the standard of living across diverse communities worldwide. We are dedicated to not only envisioning but also implementing solutions that create a more connected and sustainable future for all, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to drive meaningful and lasting change. Through our efforts, we aim to catalyze a new era of prosperity that is accessible to everyone, reshaping how societies function and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Life & Health

  • NAD+ Enhancement: Explore how Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) can extend life and enhance wellness.
  • Reproductive Medicine: Highlighting breakthroughs in fertility treatments and reproductive health solutions.
  • Stem Cell & Genetic Engineering: Pioneering medical solutions and therapies through cutting-edge research in stem cells and genetics.

Sustainable Development

  • Innovative Agricultural Practices: Promoting sustainable agriculture with technology that increases efficiency and yield.
  • Green Energy Initiatives: Advancing renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel dependency and promote global sustainability.
  • Carbon Neutrality: Implementing strategies to achieve carbon neutrality through reduced emissions and enhanced offset practices.

Decentralized Network Infrastructure

  • Encryption & Blockchain: Strengthening data security and trust with essential encryption and blockchain technology.
  • Web3 Application Development: Redefining internet interaction with decentralized Web3 applications.
  • DeFi and Web3 Financial Services: Transforming finance with transparent, autonomous Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Web3 solutions.

AI & AIGC Governance

  • Governance Frameworks: Developing ethical standards and regulatory compliance for AI and AI-generated content to ensure accountability.

Our Portfolio

Web3 Financial Ecosystem: Connecting over 60,000 assets globally with a focus on compliance and decentralized governance.

Metaverse for Creators and Brands: An AI-enhanced platform for NFT creation, social interaction, and new marketing avenues.

Blockchain and AI Integration: A secure, EVM-compatible blockchain fostering interoperability and innovation in AI and DeFi.

Efficient Cross-Chain Trading: Streamlined trading across blockchains with a focus on liquidity aggregation and secure transactions.

Tailored Travel Adventures: Custom travel experiences blending luxury accommodations with unique cultural insights.

Next-Gen Crypto Casino: Merging traditional gaming excitement with blockchain transparency and security.

Efficient Cross-Chain Trading: Streamlined trading across blockchains with a focus on liquidity aggregation and secure transactions.

Animoca Brands, a leader in digital entertainment, leverages blockchain technology to pioneer advancements in gaming and digital property rights.

Pioneers a blockchain-enabled gaming environment where mastery and strategy unlock real-world economic value, redefining engagement through an innovative "Skill-to-Earn" model.

At the vanguard of decentralized social networking, this platform creates a transformative Web3 ecosystem that empowers users to control their digital identities and monetize interactions within a community-driven environment.

Revolutionizes content generation by harnessing advanced artificial intelligence to deliver scalable solutions across digital marketing landscapes, significantly enhancing productivity and creative output.

Embrace the Future of
Web3 and Blockchain

Let's collaborate to shape a future where opportunities are limitless.

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